Hi, I'm Melanie! First and foremost, I am a Wife, Mother, avid Peloton rider, and happy hiker.

I've had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember and a passion for this art that runs deep. I can still smell the chemicals in the dark room lab in my high school photography class. I can remember pestering my partner in my large format photography class in college to help me focus that massive camera.

I started 20 years ago photographing black and white still life, and as much as photography has changed, so has my art. I received an Associates Degree in photography from Northern Arizona University, and after years working for "the man" I decided to leave it all behind and focus on my photography business! I am now obsessed with capturing emotion whether it's with brand new parents and their newborn, toddler giggles, a couple in love, or Seniors getting ready to move on to college and change the world.

I want my clients to be able to look back on their most meaningful moments in the most beautiful way.  

I'm honored you chose to view my work, I hope to make some art with you soon!