The Levey's and Company...

I've known the Levey's for a little over 4 years now and I can't even begin to tell you the excitement I felt when they reached out to me for an extended family photo shoot. We emailed back and forth and finally picked a date, time, and location (at a beautiful outdoor location in the heart of Denver). But, Colorado weather had other plans.. The day before our shoot we booked a studio space JUST in case, and thank goodness we did because we ended up not only using it, but having the BEST TIME EVER.

I'm not sure I've laughed that hard in a WHILE. It was so nice to have the space to ourselves, where the kids could run around and be goofy (and be completely contained). We got some amazing shots that I hope their whole family will cherish forever.

Thank you Studio One in Centennial for having us and giving us this awesome space to photograph in!