Preparing for Your Mini Session

Arrive Early

Chances are, if you've booked a mini session with me, it's stacked with another family before or after you! Please arrive early to get your looks right, let your children/pets get comfortable with the setting, and find me! I would suggest arriving at LEAST 10 minutes early.

Come with Full Bellies

We all know kids are snack machines. It would be a great idea to feed them snacks on the way over, and save a special treat for AFTER our session. I for one, am very into bribery, but save those lollipops for the end :)

Run Your Pets

Bringing the family dog? Fantastic! I love a good boy/girl. My suggestion would be to run them like crazy before our session so they are nice and calm during photos.

Prepare Your Partner & Kids

I always think its a great idea to show your partner some of my work and let them know I do a mixture of posed and candid shots. Nothing worse than the whole family playing together while the husband is staring at me with a big smile! I also think its helpful to share with your children what we will be doing, who I am, and a little bit about me (you can find that info in the about section on my website)!

Dress for the Weather

Colorado weather can be pretty unpredictable especially in the Fall. Bringing layers in case of a chilly evening is a great idea. I'd suggest checking the weather the day of our shoot and planning accordingly. Kids who are cold are probably the hardest to photograph (even the hungry/tired ones are easier ;) )

Bring Water & Good Shoes

Please bring water and comfortable shoes! Most of my locations require a little bit of walking.

Let Go of Your Expectations

Don't stress! Kids often times feed off of your energy! This is supposed to be a fun experience for you and your family. I want you to be able to remember our photoshoot as the time we went and played in nature, not the time we forced the kids into meltdowns :)